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Teenage Love Movies on Netflix

Teenage Love Movies on Netflix

Teen drama movies are indeed one of the genres in demand. The story of teenagers who are looking for identity, problems with family, to understand the meaning of love makes us never get bored to watch movies with the genre. Here's a list of 8 movies that can make you smile.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

The film follows Lara Jean, a high school student who enjoys writing love letters to the young man she estimates. But because he didn't dare, the letters were never sent and only kept in a box. Chaos began when one young man, who he wrote a letter to, began to approach Lara Jean. I don't know how those letters were sent. As a result of the incident, Lara Jean discovered her identity and was in a relationship with Peter Kavinsky, one of the young men she wrote a letter to.        

Kissing Booth

The kissing booth tells the story of Elle and Lee's friendship. They've been friends since childhood. In order to maintain his friendship they made some rules. Including the rules, Elle shouldn't like Noah, Lee's handsome older brother. One time Elle and Lee had an idea for a fundraising event at the school. They created "the kissing booth", where Noah participated in the event. As the event progressed, an unexpected thing happened, one rule was broken. Is it true Elle fell in love with Noah, then what about Lee? One of  Teenage Love Movies on Netflix must to watch                                   

Teenage Romance Movies on Netflix

Tall Girl

As the title says, the film tells the story of a student who is above average in height named Jodi. Told the obstacles he faced ranging from intimidation of the surrounding environment, difficulty finding suitable clothes to the rejection of the man he liked                                       

Siera Burges Is A Loser

The film tells the story of Sierra Burges, a teenager who is often insulted by her friends at school because of her physique. One day he got the wrong number, which was from Jamey, a popular guy at his school. Since that incident Sierra has always pretended to be someone else in order to stay in touch with Jamey.        

Romantic Teenage Movies on Netflix

All Together Now

Behind one's playfulness, there could be a secret that's hidden from everyone. That's how Amber, a student known for being active with her school activities. Must be the backbone of the family after her mother lost her job. Until one day, he was invited to audition at Carniage Melon university. Can such an opportunity be the hope for a change in his life? The Romantic Teenage Love Movies on Netflix     

Banana Split

How does it feel to be friends with your ex-boyfriend? The film tells the story of April who has been dating Nick for a long time but eventually has to break up. After the breakup Nick is in a relationship with Clara. Feeling unable to accept why Nick quickly forgot about her, April investigates Clara. And it turns out that April feels that they have a lot in common. This is where their friendship continues

Good Teenage Movies on Netflix

The Half Of It

The film tells the story of Ellie, a smart teenager who is often used by her friends to write essays. Until one day Ellie was approached by Paul, a good and smart boy. He asked Ellie for help to write a love letter to Daisies. The agreement was originally for one letter, but Ellie was even more involved in helping Paul understand Aster's figure. Through Ellie, Paul manages to make Daisies crumble. On the other hand, Ellie questions who she is                

All The Bright Place

It begins with the main female character, Violet, who suffers from depression after being left for dead by her brother. It was Theodore, a schoolmate who paid attention to Violet's downfall. He took Violet to various beautiful places in Indiana, where they lived. Theodore himself was found to have deep wounds and trauma.

                          Romantic teenage movies on netflix: All The Bright Place

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