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Best Korean dramas on netflix

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

If we talk about Korean drama, it seems endless. Because every month there must be new dramas that are ready to steal the audience's attention and achieve the highest ratings. The genres offered are varied. An interesting storyline, capable cast acting, attractive faces and stunning cinematography are the coolest recipes of  Romantic Korean drama. 

Here are 8 list of  Best Korean dramas on netflix that you must watch:

Good korean dramas on netflix

Itaewon Class

The film's outline is a "positive vendetta". A grudge that can turn hatred into victory. It was Park Sae Royi, someone who had a grudge because his father had been killed in an accident caused by Jang Geun Won. But because of his father's power, Jang Geun won can be free. Told how he fell awake in his efforts to set up a restaurant business, as his move to fight the father of Jang Geun Won. Itaewon Class is a good Korean dramas on Netflix.                   

Hospital Playlist

The drama tells the story of 5 doctors who are friends since college and become good specialists in the same hospital. They are Lee Ik Jun, Ahn Jeong Won, Yang Seok Hyung, Kim Joon Wan and Chae Song Wa.  Each of these roles has a sad and happy experience in treating patients. Despite being in the hospital for almost 24 hours, they were able to take the time to just hang out together. Their relationship is like brothers, very close and family. In each episode there is also a section where they gather to 'band' and sing old-school Korean songs. Perhaps that's where the director picked up The Hospital Playlist for the play                   

Netflix K Drama

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It tells the story of a psychiatric nurse named Moon Kang Tae who works in a psychiatric ward. She lives with her brother who has autism spectrum. After the murder of the mother, they always moved house. Moon kang Tae accidentally reunites with his childhood love Ko moon yong who is now the author of a popular children's fairy tale book. The meeting of the two slowly began to heal each other's emotional wounds. The character of each role grows well. As well as being the way to unfold the tragedy of the murder of the mother. One of best Netflix K Drama.                      

The King Eternal Monarch

It tells the story of Lee Gon, a modern Korean emperor who passes through a mysterious portal and enters a parallel world. Where he meets a formidable police detective, Jung Tae Eul. Can a meeting with Jung Tae eul reveal the riddle of Lee Gon's past events? How did Lee Gon attempt to close the mysterious portal? Then how does the relationship between the two worlds end?                               

Korean dramas on Netflix

Crash Landing On You

The next Korean drama on Netflix  is The series tells the fascinating love story between a soldier from North Korea, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se Ri, a lonely conglomerate boy from South Korea. Yoon Se Ri had a paragliding accident caused by a storm, the day before the announcement of the impeachment of his father's company director. Unexpectedly the accident took him deep into North Korea. The first person to help was Ri Jeong Hyeok. From the meeting they became close. In the course of the next story is how to repatriate Yoon Se Ri to South Korea. One of romantic korean drama on Netflix

When The Camellia Blooms

The drama tells the story of the love affair between Dong Baek and Yong Shik. Dong Baek is a tough and persistent single parent. Dong Baek raises his son Pil Goo by himself by opening a 'Camellia' bar. While Yong Shik is someone who is serious about doing something he believes in. Yong Shik falls in love first sight of Dong Baek, he tries to always be near her. Yong Shik always tries to give dong Baek and Pil Goo protection and happiness.

                       Korean dramas on Netflix: When The Camellia Blooms

Top korean dramas on netflix

The World Of The Married

The drama tells the story of a married couple, Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh, whose home life begins to fall apart due to her husband's treason. Her household seemed perfect, her husband's love and son's good. However, problems begin to arise in her household when Ji Sun Woo finds lipstick in Lee Tae Oh's suit. JI Sun Woo finally finds evidence of the affair. Lee Tae Oh's open affair leaves Ji Sun Woo faced with another bitter reality. Other problems began to arise.

Romantic korean drama on netflix

Mystic Pop-up Bar

This drama tells wol-ju who must help 100 thousand people in terms of relinquishing revenge as a way of making amends in the past. He opened a roadside bar and helped people visit there.



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