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Best Drama Movies on Netflix

Best Drama Movies on Netflix

Netflix is one of the streaming services for those of you who like to watch. In addition, during this pandemic, almost everyone is 'forced' to do activities in the house. With this condition, Netflix becomes one of the 'one stop entertainment' that many fans love to watch. The genres offered are varied. You can watch drama, action, comedy, romance, Korean drama and even anime. 

Best Netflix Drama

Here's a list best Netflix drama:

Set It Up

Two assistants, Harper and Charlie, work with workaholics and temperamental bosses. The idea came up to set up his boss after they realized they didn't have enough time for each other's personal affairs. Did they make it? How will Harper and Charlie's relationship go? The film was released on June 15, 2018, an old film but quite a baper especially who likes drama romatis

Best netflix drama

Here's a list best Netflix drama 2019:

Always Be My Maybe

The film, which was released in May 2019, is directed by Nahnatchka. One of the romantic drama genre films deserves to be recommended. Sasha and Marcus have been friends since childhood and decided to have a romantic relationship. Who then parted ways for 15 years. After meeting, much has changed including their own feelings. Do they still have the same feelings as they used to?

Someone Great

Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the film tells the story of Jenny who is accepted to work in San Francisco where she is required to move out of her residence. While Nate the lover is not willing to run a long distance relationship so they have to split up. News of Jenny's breakup was revealed by two of her best friends. They agreed to entertain and accompany his best friend. The romantic film, released in April 2019 by Rotten Tomatoes, was rated 86. One of the best  romantic drama movies on Netflix that deserves a little bit of your time.                           

Isn't It Romantic

Little Natalie is told to have a dream of living a love story like in pretty wowan, but the dream is destroyed by her mother. He grew up to be a person who doubted the existence of love. He is also often underestimated by the surrounding environment. Until one day he passed out and woke up, things turned upside down. Natalie faces the condition of a romantic film she dreamed of as a child. When Natalie was trying to understand what was happening, she realized the one thing that could change her life and her perspective on love. The film was released on February 13, 2019 in Nigeria and directed by Todd Strauss Schulson.

Best Netflix Drama

Here's a list best Netflix drama 2020:


Holidate is among netflix's most recent films released in October 2020. The film, directed by John Whitessel, tells the story of Sloan and Jackson who make romantic dating plans for a season. Tired of being single and always the center of family attention (read: bully) during the holidays, Sloan and Jackson agreed to date only during the holiday season. When the holidays are over, they live their own lives. Can they maintain the relationship according to the original agreement?

Love, Guaranteed

The film tells the story of Nick who has been on online dating with 986 women but does not have a girlfriend. Feeling lied to, Nick sued the online dating site. With Susan's help, a lawyer persevered at a law firm to sue the site. Over time, the process of lawsuits is not easy. Nick and Susan begin to become close to each other. The film, which was released in September 2020 by Mark Steven Johnson, is a film that deserves to be recommended for those of you who like movies with romantic drama genres on Netflix.

The Lost Husband

Taken from the novel of the same name. The movie, released in April 2020, tells the story of Libby who leaves town with her two children after her husband's departure for good. They live in Aunt Jean's house in the countryside. While still struggling with feelings about losing her husband, Libby had to adapt to her rural life. Luckily there was James, a farm manager who helped Libby. How was Libby's life in the village with the secrets kept by Jean's aunt and her mother? And his relationship with james? IMDb gave a 3-star rating for this Vicky Wight-directed romantic dramas genre movie.

Crazy Rich Asian

Rachel, an economics professor, was invited by her boyfriend Nick to visit her best friend's wedding and visit her family in Singapore. Turns out Rachel didn't know that her lover was a rich man in Asia. With such a rich title it is obvious, making Nick a target for women. Rachel encounters obstacles, because Eleanor, Nick's mother, seems to disagree with their relationship. Eleanor wants Nick to be the successor to their family business. Eleanor is unsure of Rachel, whether she loves her child only because of her wealth or true true love. The film was directed by Jon M. Chu while the script was written by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim.

                                  Best Drama Movies on Netflix: Crazy Rich Asian

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