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How To Train Dog With Leash

How To Train Dog With Leash

Training a Dog to walk calmly with a leashEnjoying a good relationship with your dog means having time to walk around with it. Unfortunately, most dogs are used to pulling the leash, which makes you tired, uncomfortable, and can be dangerous when the dog is large and strong. However, there is no need to despair if your dog is old and has such bad habits because it is never too late to retrain the dog to walk calmly using a leash. You just need time, patience, and understanding of what motivates dogs to learn and follow orders. 

How To Train Dog With Leash
How To Train Dog With Leash

What you need to train a dog with a Leash?

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How To Train Dog With Leash step 1

1.Select the right type of harness. Dogs that need leash training can benefit from a special leash for training. The size of this leash is short, which keeps the dog next to you. Ropes like this allow you to correct bad deeds quickly and effectively by directing your dog away from distractions.

2.Avoid the use of training techniques based on punishment. Shock collars, choke chains, or prong collars are not used in retraining. Although it looks attractive to use, the necklace inflicts pain and makes the dog connect it through a pull. The tools not only cause physical damage but also harness the dog's fear, not help him learn in a positive way. 
In addition, the necklace generally indicates that the trainer does not know any other way to correct the dog's behavior. Don't let this label stick to yourself. Better, train dogs in a humane way using dog psychology.

How To Train Dog With Leash
How To Train Dog With Leash

3.Handle the excitement caused by the use of the harness. Chances are the dog will be in excitement as soon as the leash appears. This is because the harness is related to walking around. Dogs need to be calm when they leave for this retraining to succeed.
In this situation, pinch the leash on the dog and leave it free at home, without going for a walk. Your goal is to break down the assumption that wearing a leash means the dog will take a walk. 
For example, when you're at home, attach a leash to the dog, and work on the routine at home as usual. After 5-10 minutes, remove the leash and continue your work as usual. Repeat this activity every approximately half an hour so that the dog becomes sensitive to the use of ropes.
How To Train Dog With Leash
How To Train Dog With Leash

Teaching Old Dog  to Walk Calmly

How To Train Dog With Leash step 2

1. Remember the cause of the dog pulling the leash. In general, most dogs are interesting because they are happy to travel, to a fun and flavorful place such as a park. The dog repeats what it did when it was rewarded for doing so. In this case, the act of pulling the leash is a gift because the dog knows where they want to go immediately.

2.Handle the excitement through the door. Once the dog is calm when paired with a harness, try taking it out. This may restore his excitement because this time the dog felt like he was going for a walk. To handle it, allow plenty of time. Walk out the door with the dog, close the door, stop, then re-enter the house.
Repeat until you and the dog get bored, and he loses interest in pulling the leash because it is likely only back in the house and not walking around.

3.Teach the dog to stop pulling the leash. This works best if you're providing plenty of time, and preparing yourself to be unable to get as far as you want. Attach the leash to the dog and get out of the house calmly. When he pulls the rope, immediately stop in your path. Hold the leash tightly, without pulling the dog towards you.

If the dog needs a lot of exercises, try playing ball in the park to make him tired before starting practice.

If you let the dog pull you into the park during the retraining period, all previous attempts will be free.

4.Emphasize positive behavior. When your dog turned its head to see you, give a heartfelt compliment "Smart dog!" then move on and move on. Every three or four times this happens, give a gift to the dog.

5.Try alternative training methods if you haven't been successful. When the dog pulls the leash, stop, and start walking in the opposite direction. If the dog walks ahead and pulls in that direction, stop again and change direction. The message you're telling the dog is that it can't walk any further if it keeps pulling the leash. As such, there is no point in him pulling. 

However, using this method when the dog tries to make you faster will make you stop, which means no movement at all. Soon, the dog will realize that only you are in control while walking around. You determine the time, place, and speed. When the dog has realized this, it will not pull again.

6. Be patient with this training. It takes time to change already embedded behavior. Make a commitment to practice every day but don't assume your dog will change its behavior in just a week. It may take longer for the dog to understand the message you're giving and then make the changes you want.

How To Train Dog With Leash
How To Train Dog With Leash

Hopefully, after about a month of doing exercises like this, your dog will no longer take you for a walk.

Likewise, do not use this method for a longer period of time. It takes time and repetition more than just extended training. For example, do not run long using this method. Your dog will be exhausted or become saturated by this exercise.

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