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Teeth Whitening Remedies at home

Teeth Whitening  Remedies at home 

A brilliant, beautiful smile can be powerfully attractive. Many of us have had our smiles damaged throughout the years due to diet or lifestyle habits. Although extensive options are available to enhance or transform your smile, teeth whitening treatments are consistently one of the most popular thanks to how fast, affordable, and effective they can be.

Teeth Whitening  Remedies at home
Teeth Whitening  Remedies at home/pic:

Teeth Whitening  Remedies at home are an increasingly common option that can help restore your bright smile. Many options are sold over the counter while stronger prescription versions are available only through your dentist. Store-bought whitening kits generally contain between and 10 percent peroxide while professional-strength whiteners can have up to 40 percent peroxide. Although over-the-counter whiteners can eliminate certain types of stains, they may require longer treatment periods. Because they are not custom made, they may also allow excessive contact between the soft tissues of the mouth and the bleaching solution. 

Seeking dental advice before beginning any whitening regimen can ensure you get the results you crave. Your dental professional may recommend professional cleaning to help the solution penetrate deeper and more evenly. professional whitening treatment may also be recommended to boost your whitening results. Several professional whitening options are available, including some that use take-home trays that are custom-molded just for you. This reduces the possibility of contact between your gums and the bleaching solution, and it maximizes contact between the solution and your teeth.

Although teeth whiteners can significantly brighten your smile, they cannot lighten it to an unnatural shade. Most over-the-counter whitening kits can only lighten teeth a few shades while prescription whiteners can whiten up to eight shades lighter. If you have dental bonding, veneers, or dental crowns, you may end up with a multi-colored appearance since porcelain and composite do not whiten. Bleaching agents are not appropriate for all patients. If you have gum disease, untreated tooth decay, or are pregnant, you may need to discuss your options with a whitening dentist.

Once your teeth are whitened, you can extend the benefits by limiting your intake of coffee, wine, tea, and other staining beverages or foods. Avoid smoking, and maintain good dental hygiene by brushing twice and flossing once daily.

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