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Self care for mental health

Self-care for mental health

Unlike the physical needs, hunger, for example, that we immediately fill so felt, the consciousness of most people is low, even poor mental health conditions are often overlooked.
In order not only a healthy physique, here's a simple way of taking care of the mental health that we can apply daily:
Self-care for mental health

Self-care for mental health/ pic:

1. Accept yourself
Complete self-acceptance is the main foundation of a person's mental health. The process of accepting one's self becomes difficult when since childhood a person is often ridiculed, compared to, or treated too harshly by his nearest neighbor. When we find it difficult to accept ourselves as they are, it will be difficult to apply self-love.
2. Actively communicate with yourself
Always listen to your heart when you're restless or happy, and make sure your conscience stays alive by taking care of positive thoughts and optimism, no matter how difficult things are. Be able to rise whenever falls because diligently sheds his feelings uncensored in his personal journal.
3. Have Support 
A good figure who has been supporting us, or support system, is an important element that is able to make us feel fully noticed as human beings. Although this figure is usually the closest person, he does not have to come from a family. It could be his best friend, teacher,  support system all this time.
4. First vegetables and fruit as a source of carbohydrates
Who would have thought food played a big role in our mental state? So, it's really important to get used to eating more vegetables and fruits every day and, please, limit all kinds of good junk food!
5. Train mentally to be strong 
There are many events in our lives that are neither easy nor pleasant. Events like this we usually think of as exams. Mentally healthy is mentally trained to deal with any situation. Therefore, training our mental strength begins when the test is struck by dealing with it.
6.  Believe and Submit to God
This is an important attitude that needs to continue to be grown in the effort to care for mental health. If our physical intake is food and drink, then the foundation of doing good (including gratitude) because Of God is essential to our spiritual, or mental health.
Believing that "after doing our best, there are greater powers governing it" makes us more sincere faced with all the trials and failures.
Caring for mental health is important so that we are able to live peacefully and happily. The key is to be aware that the needs that are met include the physical and the soul. Not just one.
Maintaining mental health is not easy, but it needs to continue to be pursued. 

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