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How to Train Cat To Do Tricks

How to Train Cat To Do Tricks

1. Use favorite food treats. Training cats is slightly different from training dogs; to train a cat, you must appreciate its independence and have a strong reason for it to obey. Dry food is less tempting for him, so is excessive praise - cats aren't particularly interested in compliments, unlike dogs. The trick is to use quality gifts such as catnip, fresh chicken pieces, or tuna.

2. Make sure your cat is interested. Before you start teaching the cat a new trick, make sure he knows that you're trying to teach him something.

Hold the snack in front of the cat's nose so that he understands that there are gifts that may be waiting for him.

Move the snack in your hands up and behind his head slowly. Continue doing this until the cat holds its head and sits down.

Praise the cat and give him a snack as soon as he completes the "trick" of sitting down

3. Try using a clicker. If you don't have a clicker, you can use a press ballpoint pen to create a similar sound. Give the cat a snack every time you use a clicker so that he or she is used to connecting his voice with the snack. Then, use clickers and rewards every time a cat masters a new trick, such as chasing a stick you throw. In the end, the cat will respond every time you throw a stick and click the clicker. 

4. Keep play sessions and exercises short. Remember, your cat will become tired. Prepare play and exercise sessions for about 15 minutes, once or twice each day. 

5. Respect a cat. As a cat owner, you may know your cat's unique personality and its independent nature. Never force a cat to perform tricks it doesn't want to do. Some cats will happily learn to use the toilet and flush it, or perch on your shoulder as you walk around the house, while others don't want to be bothered or touched. Learn how to live with your cat so that you are mutually beneficial in relationships developed in a special way.

How to Train Cat To Do Tricks
How to Train Cat To Do Tricks

Tips How To Train a cat

Don't over-reward snacks. This can cause him to become too accustomed to wiping, making snacks useless to use as gifts. Excessive wiping can also cause your cat to be overweight, which can trigger serious health problems.

Kittens are easier to train, but adult cats can still be trained.

Prepare snacks your cat likes.

Once the cat is doing something you like, make sure you complement it and give him a snack!

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