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The Definition of Insecurities

The Definition of Insecurities

Insecurities, doubts, lack of confidence, and fear must have been felt by everyone. Even the most confident people have the same feelings. Then, what is insecurities

Insecurities are a feeling of insecurity, in other words, someone will feel something is empty and try to fill it in various ways. Insecurity is a normal thing to happen, but feeling insecure about yourself all the time can excessively affect every aspect of your life, from physical, emotional health, and also to your work.

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Causes of Insecurities
Why does insecure emerge? That is the question most people ask. Basically, the reasons for insecure each person is different and personal. Keep in mind that there is no exact cause of insecurities, but many factors can lead to this condition. Insecure can originate from a traumatic event or crisis, such as divorce, bankruptcy, or loss.
It also can occur due to uncertainty or disruption in daily life, causing anxiety and a sense of insecurity. People who have a sense of insecure may also have low self-esteem, have problems with their bodies, have an undirected life, or feel ignored by others.

Factor of Insecurities
Here are some factors that can lead you to insecure.
1. Fear of failure and rejection
One of the main causes of insecure is fear of failure and rejection. Sometimes, you have to take the risk. In fact, there are more things that can be learned from failure than success. If you are persistent, in the end you can avoid these failures.
2. The nature of being too perfectionist
Sometimes we unknowingly have very high standards for everything we do. You might want the highest grade, the best job, the most beautiful décor or house, polite children, or the ideal partner. Unfortunately, life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to, even if we've worked extra hard.
If you are constantly disappointed and blame yourself for something less than perfect, you will begin to be overshadowed by feelings of insecurity. Feeling insecure that occurs continuously is not good because it can cause depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and even chronic fatigue.
3. Lack of confidence due to social anxiety
Many of you may have experienced a lack of confidence in social situations such as parties, family gatherings, interviews, and dating.
Feelings of lack of confidence are usually based on fear of being evaluated or underrated by others. As a result, you will avoid social situations and experience feelings of insecure.
Incompatibility between parent and child also often occurs. This can be caused by the nature of both parties to parents' expectations that are different from what the child wants. Because of this, insecure can occur in children.

How to Overcome Insecurities
If you have understood that you have an insecure feeling, and then from now on try to clean up. There are many ways to overcome insecure, including:

  • ·       Relax your body, such as doing massage or facial treatments.
  • ·       Do your favorite activities for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • ·       Turn off your mobile for a moment or do a social media detox.
  • ·       Eat foods that are nutritionally balanced.
  • ·       Practice self-compassion by speaking well to yourself.
  • ·       Make sure that you eat regularly and have enough sleep.
  • ·       Spend time with your partner or family because it helps you appreciate your own unique qualities and perspectives. Those are some things about Insecure that can help you understand yourself more deeply.

Not to be a substitute for professional care, diagnosis or medical treatment. Always contact your doctor or psychologist for questions and complaints about your health condition. Follow the instructions of the doctor or psychologist and do not ignore all the symptoms just because of what you have read ..

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