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Social Anxiety in Teens, Are you one of them?

Social Anxiety in Teens, Are you one of them?

Social anxiety in teens is a phenomenon that can be found in various corners of the world. Including anxiety from social media
Anxiety is the appropriate response to threats but anxiety can become abnormal if the level is not in proportion to the threat, or if it seems to come without any cause, that is, if it is not a response to environmental change. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Social anxiety is a persistent fear of one or more social situations that are related to performance, which makes the individual have to deal with people he does not know or face the possibility of being observed by others, fearing that he will be humiliated or insulted
Social anxiety arises because there are fears of obtaining negative evaluations from others when individuals are involved in certain social activities or situations. The right way to study the causes of social anxiety is to examine the forms of interpersonal situations that cause the most anxiety in individuals
Social Anxiety in Teens
                  Social Anxiety in Teens
Social anxiety is a form of a milder social phobia which is a constant and irrational fear of the presence of others, so individuals try to avoid special situations and individuals who suffer from social anxiety then individuals or teens will avoid people for fear of speaking criticized or present in public. Because this anxiety begins to emerge in adolescence when teens have social awareness and association with others is important in the life of a teenager.
Each individual must feel anxiety in his life, even if only occasionally and anxiety in social relations may also be related to the belief that individuals feel lack the ability needed for success in establishing social relationships, even though teens have their own abilities
Psychological factors have a very important role in causing social anxiety, including fear responses to unpleasant situations. Social anxiety is not something that can be measured and not just observing, so to measure how anxious a person is and to find out we will ask a few questions to that person by using an anxiety meter. Social anxiety is an experience when someone is motivated to make an impression that is wanted by others but is not sure whether it will work or not.
Teenagers with high levels of social anxiety report if they have fewer friends. Someone who has anxiety will tend to be anxious, and uncomfortable when dealing with others who are accompanied by shyness, fear, for fear of something happening. Social anxiety is one type of anxiety disorder that is special in nature, where we feel uncomfortable experiences when around many people and we feel worried about what other people think of us. Anxiety is in the form of a feeling that we believe in something frightening if social anxiety will cause various problems, especially in the disruption of social functions & also the presence of negative perceptions of ourselves.

Anxiety Aspect According to Experts
The aspects of social anxiety raised by La Greca and Lopez are:

  1.  Fear of negative evaluation.
  2.  Social avoidance and stress in new situations (dealing with strangers in new situations).
  3. Social avoidance and distress experienced in general, with known people.
  4. The aspects of social anxiety expressed by Juliansyah, follow as:
  5. Cognitive aspects, in the form of judgments and expectations: Those individuals will be judged negatively by others,
  6.  Affective aspects, in the form of fear and anxiety, when dealing with social situations.
  7. Behavioral aspects, namely the presence of insecure and avoidance behavior.
  8. The phenomenon of social anxiety can easily happen, because each person has a tendency to have problems. However, the level of social anxiety varies.

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