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Insecurities and Anxiety

Insecurities and Anxiety- What Is The Difference?

Insecurities and anxiety are two things that are often experienced by many people, maybe you have experienced it. However, do you know what the difference between the two is? Both have different meanings. What is the difference between insecurities and anxiety?

Insecurities vs Anxiety

Insecurities vs Anxiety
Insecurities vs Anxiety

Insecure in psychology define if we interpret it is an effort of the emotions that occur when we judge ourselves to be inferior to others. Then regarding a certain aspect that occurs in our lives that we can think of as relevant life, as well as things that become assessors can cause negative potential in the feelings we have.

Because in this life we ​​used to think that inferiority is a thing that makes us unable to face a challenge that we normally think of as not meeting certain standards of others or ourselves. In our psychology about things or tips so as not to insecure yourself.

One of these things will usually only relate to an individual who is used to feeling insecure and also the way that person deals with himself. The feeling can also be obtained from the shame that we experience, for insecurities example, shame with weight, with skin color to things that are not in accordance with ourselves for that we are accustomed to emitting something related to our aura.

Insecure that is within us can also be related to ourselves who do not have the ability to be able to hold emotions and also difficulties in the division of emotions that exist in two specific levels. Because with this phenomenon million can make us question other things.

With the increasing number of population, it will cause various problems that will arise both physically and psychologically, namely anxiety. Psychological problems that occur are a condition of decline that is also influenced by physical health with mental problems such as patterns and attitudes to life, feeling lonely, feelings of worthlessness, emotions that increase in the elderly, as well as the inability to adjust the task.

What Anxiety Means?

Anxiety is similar to fear but with a less specific focus, anxiety an emotion, whereas fear is usually a response to some immediate threat, while anxiety is characterized by concerns about the unexpected danger that lies in the future. Anxiety is a negative emotional state that is characterized by a hunch and somatic tension, such as the heart beating fast, sweating, breathing difficulties. Anxiety is an emotional state that has characteristics of physiological arousal, an unpleasant feeling of tension, and a comprehensive feeling that something bad will happen.

Insecurities and anxiety will surely be experienced by everyone. For that, do not be too hard on yourself and also do not ever think that we are worthless, let alone feel that we are not attractive and smart. For now, immediately think positive whatever happens. Another way to overcome what can be done is to always write positive things in our personal journals, especially when we are feeling insecure and anxious.

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