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How to stop social media anxiety?

How to stop social media anxiety?

Social Media addiction and social mental disorder are strongly correlated and up to date, studies indicate that social media addictions can cause social mental disorder. regeneration within the sort of likes or followers may be a reward that stimulates the brain and rewards it with (highly addictive) dopamine.
social media anxiety
                      social media anxiety

Social Media cause Anxiety

Social Media mental is a syndrome that relates to generalized Social Anxiety and is acquired when the participation of social media affects the mental and physical well-being of a private.

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by putting a limit on where you see their updates from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever else.

Setting limits on the quantity of the time you spend on social can have a positive effect. Choose certain times of the day. Try making you're a device-free event or holding off until after you’ve settled in and relax.

Social Media Anxiety disorder?

If you would like some extra inspiration, check your phone’s settings to ascertain what proportion of time you’re spending on social – you'll be surprised at what you discover.
If you’re following an enormous news article, ask yourself if you actually got to know that far more information about it. the likelihood is that the solution is not any.
You know all that point you spend scrolling through social updates? Imagine what else you'll be doing instead! If you’re trying to find a physical activity, take your pick (just not your pic!) and obtain started today. There are also many volunteer opportunities out there, and any number of community groups to hitch, neighborhoods to explore, and other people to satisfy.
Many trending topics on social aren’t always the foremost uplifting or positive. Avoid certain things that have a negative impact on you!
Social media has become an integral part of our lives, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we should always let it negatively influence our psychological state. How else does one practice healthy social media habits?
In conclusion. Don't allow social media to give you anxiety. Behave wisely. If someone publishes more photos from exotic trips than you are doing, it doesn't suggest that he/she features a better life

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