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Do I Need Car Insurance On A Rental Car?

Why Do you Need Car Insurance?

What is a Car Insurance?
This is insurance which protects the insured against losses involving the use of automobiles. Various coverages may be bought depending on the desires of the insured. Such coverages include the liability coverages of bodily injury, property damage, and medical payments, and the physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive. 

Auto accidents cause an injury every 14 seconds, and every 13 minutes a car accident leads to a fatality. quite 31 million accidents occur per annum, at an annual cost of just about $100 billion.
With quite 150 million drivers and 160 million registered vehicles on the road today, auto insurance is that the most generally purchased of all property-liability insurance. People buy auto insurance for protection against risk: theft, vandalism, and other risks, course, In fact, every 20 seconds another vehicle is stolen. Theft or vandalism are major perils facing drivers but few are conversant in the ins and outs of their particular policy.

why do you need Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Your car has two unique qualities. First, it's probably one of the foremost expensive belongings you own. Insurance protects your investment. Insurance guarantees how of dealing with the expense of accidents, vandalism, and theft, also as securing your financial responsibility to the bank or other institution lending the cash to shop for your vehicle.

Second, once you drive, you're operating a strong machine, weighing one ton or more and capable of moving at over 100 miles per hour. you're to be responsible for the security of your passengers, your fellow drivers, other people's property, pedestrians, and yourself. Insurance helps you reside up thereto responsibility by ensuring your ability to hide the prices of potential damages or injuries.

You are also required to be financially responsible by state laws, which are best satisfied through your coverage. In fact, in most states insurance may be a prerequisite to registering your car. So if you would like to drive your own vehicle, you want to be insured.

Do I Need Car Insurance On A Rental Car?

If you've got fully insured your own vehicle, including collision and comprehensive coverage, and rent a vehicle for pleasure only while on vacation, for example, you are doing not got to buy extra insurance from the rental company. In fact, in most states. your basic rent by law will include liability coverage for damage or injury to others. But different rules apply once you rent a car for business purposes, so ask your agent for details. 

If you are doing not have your own insurance, remember that a lot of hire car liability policies cover you simply at the state's required minimum. Also, you ought to buy the collision and comprehensive coverage offered by the rental company for your own protection. Plus, don't buy a collision damage waiver (CDW) from the rental company assuming it's insurance. A CDW simply releases you from financial responsibility if you damage the vehicle you're renting, provided you suits the terms of the rental contract. But those terms can vary considerably, and CDWs aren't state-regulated, which suggests they're technically not insurance. 

It's always an honest idea to review your policy before renting a vehicle and, if necessary, contact your agent for clarification. 

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