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Cold Sores in mouth

Cold Sores in Mouth

Cold Sores are caused by a virus. After few days These sores can be painful. The cold sore virus is not completely removed by the body defenses. Try to observe detailed study about cold sores, tips, cold sores treatment, and resources for cold sores, infections, cold sores mouth, cold sore remedies in order to cure it.

Cold Sores in mouth
Cold Sores in mouth
Main causes cold sores
Cold sores are caused by a virus. Once you have been exposed to the virus then infected for life. Exposure to the HSV-1 virus and infection mainly occurs in childhood. A Child is become infected from a parent or a sibling. In major countries near about 1/3 of children have been infected by the age of 5 years, in the western world, this percentage is 20% by the age of 14 or above the age of 14 this level increases at 70% that are infected with the HSV-1 virus. When this virus enters through small breaks in the skin then infection usually occurs. It can be a small injury or just a small cracks in the skin. The virus then enters throughout the nerves to reside in dorsal root ganglion. When the amount of these viruses increases at a higher level then start damaging the skin cells causing the blisters that call cold sore to develop. This virus infection of the cells is always looking for new cells to infect, this activity is called viral shedding.

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