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5 Job For Social Anxiety

5 Jobs Suitable For Social Anxiety 

Basically, anxiety is the body's natural reaction to stress or pressure that arises because it is very possible we are not ready to experience the conditions that cause discomfort. On the other hand, anxiety can still help because it makes you more attentive and careful about what will happen. However, if the level is too high and actually happens often, you should be aware of anxiety disorders.
In everyday life, social anxiety disorder is not to be confused with certain treatments. Although people with anxiety are often called arrogant or antisocial, those but they still need life, it's just that there are things that prevent it. It becomes anxiety that makes you feel insecure, submissive to others, and depressed.
People with social anxiety disorders still need work for productivity. Unfortunately, not all work can be done by sufferers of social anxiety. They often feel pressure. Thought, mental health is important.
Social Anxiety Jobs
Social Anxiety Jobs
For this reason, here are some types of work for people with social anxiety who you can try if you experience this problem.

The 5 Social Anxiety Jobs
1. Accountant
If you are happy when you have to deal with numbers, maybe an accountant can be a suitable choice for you. The majority of accountant jobs every day have more to do with financial data than with many people. Even, if you have to deal with others, it will help you to balance social interaction.
2. Programmer
Programmers are always synonymous with people who follow technology. They really need to work in a quiet room, because it requires high focus. This profession is usually in charge of making websites, applications, or software. These are the people behind the scenes of what we see on the screen. Besides being a comfort zone for those who are often anxious to interact with others, this profession also has good prospects in modern times like now. This profession is suitable for sufferers of social anxiety­-who are afraid to interact with the social environment.
3. Author/Writer
There are many types of writers, both fiction and non-fiction. There are also a lot of media such as books, blogs, mass media, and story scripts. Even though there is a time to interact with other people, more time will be spent for thinking. So being a writer can be a choice to balance solitude and social interaction.
4. Video Editor
In an era of all-round social media like now, the position of video editors is increasingly needed. Video editors usually work according to agreed upon concepts. In addition, more work on their own tasks without having to interact with many people all the time. Especially if you edit the video in a closed room, it might be more helpful to overcome anxiety disorders. Even if you have to edit videos in open office space, the need for a video editor to use a headset to adjust the audio can be a means to 'protect' yourself from ambient noise.
5. Graphic Designer
If you like eye-catching visualization, have good taste in design, and enjoy expressing yourself through visual works, why not just become a graphic designer? If taken seriously, this profession can even be done on a freelance basis. You can also create an online shop that also sells custom design services as a gift.
That's the job that is suitable for sufferers of social anxiety. The work above can be done without the need to interact with many people who will make you even more worried.

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